Friday, February 3, 2012

Five Question Fridays.-Worldview

Happy Friday and the first of the month.And here is this weeks installment of the Friday Five. This weeks theme: worldview.

What event in the world has most shaped your worldview?

9/11 which is probably an obvious one. I think it totally made me open my eyes. Now I think twice about everything. I am going to be heading to Europe for the first time in a couple of weeks, and I am excited and yet nervous. Now, even the thought of flying the distance and over water is scary. I don't think I would have thought about any of this stuff.  It also changed how I saw people, yes there are bad and horrible people but at the same time I saw the good that came out of everyone. Especially when it came to helping others. And how we can all come together when times get tough. 

What personal event in your life is the most noteworthy to you?

Due to my minor disability, I was never supposed to walk, or talk. And yet somehow I have managed to do that and so much more. So I think just for the fact that I did both, and able to play the trumpet and manage my softball team and do everything as if I was totally normal. I see so many stories of people that lose their limbs and come back, and it always amazes me because I get that they have been through a lot but what about those of us who were born that way. For those of us that have had to learn how to do things on a daily basis from day one.

What is something you hope to see in the future?

 I believe it is already in the works but something to help stroke victims. And if this includes finding a way to get some sort of mobility back that would be great. I admit I don't mind not being able to use my right side, or mainly my hand. But at times it would be so nice to at least know I have the chance to be able to use my hand, even with just a slight mobility. I really really want to do the monkey bars. And yes I realize I am 31 years old.

What song reminds you of the happiest day of your life?

Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban, its my wedding song. Every time I hear it I still want to dance to it, I think back on that day and remember the vows I took with him. And no matter how hard times may be, that song brings me back to it all.

What song reminds you of the saddest day of your life? 

Whatever it Takes  by Lifehouse. I came home just a year and a half into our marriage to the smell of smoke. My husband denied he had picked up smoking, and I believed him. But one March evening a friend of his gave him up and came out and admitted that he had been. We sat the next day, in that two bedroom apartment and talked. And talked and talked. I remember thinking this is stupid. And yet, he had promised he would give it up. And he had lied about it. It wasn't the fact that he had picked back up smoking, more so the fact he had lied.  The next day the song hit the airs, and every time it plays I think of the whole day and the was the song that represented that day. Perfectly.

Have a fabulous Super Bowl Weekend.

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