Tuesday, January 24, 2012

LOLs, TTYLs and TMIs...when does this get to be to much?

About a year and a half ago my husband Andy and I decided to make the move over to smartphones. At the time we thought this was a brilliant idea. I mean we would now have contact with email, and phone, and IM at the palm of our hands 24/7. How wonderful was that?

Or so we thought. 

You see yes it was wonderful, is wonderful. We no longer had to rush home to check for an email that we were waiting on, or that Facebook status that someone was talking about. Suddenly we not only had information at our fingertips but games, Words with Friends, Angry Birds. And for that aspect of things, it was amazing. Not to mention the endless of entertainment for a fast growing toddler.

So if it was so right then what was so wrong? Well it turns out that whole 24/7 thing, the very thing that made everything so easily accessible, well it turns out it is at times often to accessible. And while communicating was so easily accessible through the phone, also turned out to be the downfall of communicating via person, wasn't.

I am not sure when I began to notice or even when it began. But suddenly the conversations with my husband began to fade. It seemed he enjoyed the smartphone a little to much, enjoyed angry birds and word with friends and emailing. And twitter. Ah yes twitter. Constantly. And no he actually didn't twitter, he just spent most of the time twitter stalking as I like to say. Just reading them over and over. He read during dinner. He is on it so much I am wondering if he even knows I am in the room half the time.

It started off innocently I am sure. But lately it seems as though it is constantly. He checks on it everywhere we go, even if we are sitting right by one another. Its getting to the point where I am wondering if its effecting our relationship without us even knowing.

I will not lie, I too use the device but its not as though I am glued to it. I don't sleep with it on, and I don't try to use it while I am at dinner, or with my son, though I admit I am guilty of that at times. I am trying to curb it.

Still I think back before the whole smartphone thing, and I wonder, was it really worth it.

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