Sunday, January 22, 2012

Its Potty training time.

Well I knew it had to come. Obviously. I mean Logan couldn't stay in diapers forever.  And despite my numerous efforts to stop it, he is in fact growing up.

I had heard nightmares of the whole potty training process. Mainly from various blogs I randomly found.  Most would explain how to do, it the best ways and things to watch out for. I read the smarter the child, the harder it is for them to potty train-which I was a bit skeptical of-I read that if they aren't potty trained by such an age that it will be considered a set back in their overall development. I read this, I read that. Of course at the same time that these same bloggers warned that while it worked for them not to expect it to work for every child. And so when all was said and done, it really would depend on the individual child.

Which meant all this advice was really. Just that. Advice.

But how would Logan handle it? Would he be an overnight sensation and take to it just as much as he took to the no binkie situation? There would only be one way to find out.

And so last Tuesday, and two weeks before little man would turn three I decided it was officially time to start the tedious process of potty training.

Five days later, we have made some progress. While he gets the concept of using the bathroom for number one, it seems he is afraid of the concept of using the big boy potty for number two. I wonder what it is about it that seems to be so scary, but I am hoping for it to get better. He is making progress, just yesterday he decided it was time and so he marched himself up to the potty all by himself and used it without being asked.

But for every success seems to be a little mishap. Like the fall into the toilet, when he was trying so hard to pull his pants up by himself that he lost his balance and fell right in there. Thankfully it was not head first still seeing his little feet waving in the air, made me feel like a terrible mommy when I laughed.

Still I expect things like this will happen. He will have accidents and mishaps along the way and that will be ok. And the moment he hits the point where he is wearing big boy pants.

I don't know who will cry harder.

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