Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Five-1/20-A stitch in time

What was your first wristwatch like?

Gotta be honest, I don't really remember the very first watch that I had. And because I can't use my right hand, I can't put a watch on, on my own so I don't wear them very often. But being raised in the 80's I am pretty sure it was some sort of swatch watch. Totally.

What lately seems to have been a thief of time?

My son, only because he is about to turn three and it seems like yesterday I was just finding out that I was pregnant and now I am two weeks shy of him turning into a little boy. It seems that time is robbing me...

What were yesterday’s quietest five minutes like?

The time I took a mom was watching my son and allowed me some quiet private time alone. It was the best few moments of the day. Just me, the bath and the radio...It was glorious.

In what way have you lately been saving time?

Before entering leave I was saving time and money with lunches. I used to buy my lunches every day, and finally started to get back into the habbit of making it and bringing it. Saved not only a lot of time, but money as well. Which was if I could only get my husband back in the habbit of doing this, I think I would be truly a happy woman.

We are often charged hourly rates for labor, but we never get to reciprocate in kind when promised completion times don’t match actual completion. If you could bill people for the time you spend waiting, what would be a reasonable amount?

Anything in regards to cars. It always seem that they know you need it so they take their time, and then don't get it back when they say they will. It can be at times, frustrating beyond belief. As for how much I would charge them for their service I have no clue since I have never thought of it before. Just better service would be all I ask.

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