Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Enjoy the moment.

Perhaps I haven't mentioned this. But my sister got engaged right before Christmas. After eleven years of dating her fiance, no one was more thrilled than Burgandy-the sis-who I am pretty sure was getting to the point where she thought it would never come. After all, I am pretty sure there was more than one person that thought the same thing.

Whether they wanted to admit it or not.

And after eleven years, its safe to say she has emerged herself into full wedding mode. After waiting for so long, she does not feel the  need to have a long engagement-which I can't blame her-and has set the date for Sept. 2nd of this year.

It will be here before we know it.

She came up this weekend to do some planning and looking with my mom. Being asked to be the matron of honor I tagged along with them, tried on a thousand dresses and went over what every bride should and shouldn't do. And with thsi whole planning for a wedding going on it made me realize one thing.

Wedding planning is a shit load of work.

Seriously. Was it this much work when I got married? Because I don't remember it. Then again, I was the sort of bride that knew what she wanted. I saved for years and had a long engagement-that is if you consider 18 months long-and I got to work doing things. My sister on the other hand? Doesn't exactly know what she wants, or wanted and while I had a long engagement, I realize at 37, she doesn't want to wait to much longer. So that I get.

I forgot how time consuming it is, how much once you get engaged all you want to do is plan, how the money has to come from somewhere, and as a teacher its not as much as you would like.

But what I do remember is, yes it may be a lot of work but the planning was also a lot of fun,  how I had moments when I just enjoyed the process because I  knew once the wedding came it would be over with.

And I hope, while this moment may be stressful I hope my sister can enjoy it. After all, this is her moment.

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