Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The holiday party.

The holiday office party. Who doesn't enjoy one?  Good times, good laughs, on occasion good food, though recent cutbacks, probably not. And if nothing more having one, pretty much solidifies the fact you won't be getting anything done for the entire day. And hey its alright, because you know what? Neither will anyone else in the company.

Yes everyone looks forward to the office party.

That is unless you just happen to be a total introvert. Who pretty  much wants nothing to do with mixing and mingling and all that joyful stuff that is required during such festive gatherings.

Like me.

Its not that I am trying to be all anti-social about things. And its not that I don't like people.  Because when it comes down to things, I actually do like holding a conversation with one person. Its just around more than one? Around a lot of people well I feel. Awkward, uneasy,  and just well uncomfortable. I don't know what to talk about, my hands start to get this fidgety thing going on and I begin to search for the nearest door five seconds after I get there. Half the time I don't even bother joining group events because of this. I find ways to mysteriously disappear during the hour. I do work, I 'make' a phone call. I do just about anything to avoid it actually.

And after each event it is inevitable that someone will come up and ask where I had been and why I didn't attend and tell me what I had missed, its like a record that skips. And every year I nod and say maybe next year, knowing that next year will probably end up being a lot like this one.

This year though I did actually join the crowd and headed to the dessert party that was set up. I sat and listened as people talked on and on and on. Once or twice I tried to get into the convo, but was given the 'umm yeah ok' look and so I quickly shut up and went back to staring at the same stain spot on the table cloth. I listened as the two people talked right through me as if I wasn't even there, when it was mentioned that I would be going to England in the spring, the only response was the fact England was supposed to horrible.

Yep. Awesome.
Back to staring at the table cloth. 
Oh look its in the shape of a hidden Mickey.

And as they wrapped things up, I realized I had barely spoken two words for two hours. The lady beside me sat bitching about not getting a damn prize. Because apparently she is pretty pissed when she doesn't win something. I said my goodbyes, not that anyone had really noticed I was there and folded my chair. Smiling at the door prize I held in my hand, The new George Foreman Quesidilla maker.

But my true prize?
Knowing I don't have to deal with the holiday party for an entire year.

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