Friday, June 19, 2015

Number we go.

Well now that the cat is out of the bag, yes the rumors you have heard just may be true. After years of wishing, hoping and asking little  man will finally get his wish of being a big brother if not on Jan. 7th, then by, which is my official due date.

The news could not have been more exciting to him.

I will admit I was extremely nervous to announce this go around. I am older now, as is little man, who will be a month shy of 7 when this one comes along. Yes I know, I have heard the whole age gap debate for years. True it may not work for everyone. And I get that. But it works for us. Maybe we would have liked it a tad bit sooner, but as we all know to well life tends to get in the way. By time we were ready for number 2, I was to close to finishing the degree to actually consider it. So we waited. I am a firm believer things fall in to place when the time is right. In this case, I fully believe it was the right time for us to even explore the possibility of number two, even more so it playing out to actually be expecting.

So how are we doing? When did we know? How did we tell our parents? Questions you may or may not want to know. We found out the first weekend of May, but decided to keep it to ourselves for weeks. And I mean we kept in the sense that I went through my final class, my presentations, my graduation and even my graduation party. I kept it through my birthday on the 22nd.  Honestly I do not know how I did it. Given the fact that unlike when I was carrying Logan this one has me battling morning sickness 24/7...yep that is right, screw just morning but  noon and night as well. We finally broke down and had Logan announce the news to our parents over Memorial Day weekend, yes that means it was almost a month of keeping it to ourselves.

It is amazing how two individuals can be so different from the very beginning. With Logan all I wanted was salt, onions and fruit and veggies that were not sweet but filling (bananas for instance), but this one? Well this one is all about the sweets and seafood, you give me a bag of my beloved pretzels and I will throw them out. And while I still love the fruits, they have to be sweet, the sweeter the better. Unlike Logan who gave me glorious hair and skin, this one find me lacking in the glow and my hair is nothing to write home about. I am assuming this is preparing me for the years to come with now two little ones (or rather one almost big kid and a little one). Believe me I know personalities are just as different with each kid. But I am up for the challenge.

Still it has been incredible. Even if I am running to the bathroom. I feel so incredibly blessed to be given this gift. It was a gift for awhile wasn't sure was going to actually happen again. And while there is still a lot we need to figure out, and it is still relatively early in the pregnancy, I look forward to the joys of the experience all over again.

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