Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Goodbye Kindergarten.

So it seems like yesterday I was putting little man on the bus for the first time as a Kindergarten. Oh the nerves, if not for him than for myself. Would he like it? Would he make friends? What about his teacher?

Yet, here we are on the final days of the school year. Now when I put him on the bus he barely blinks at me as he heads off with the group of neighborhood friends. The same ones that not to long ago he never knew lived there. Instead of running to me to give me that big hug before he does so, now he blows me a kiss and does the whole imaginary hug, and I wonder why I was ever so worried about it. He did fine, no he did better than fine he did outstanding.

And it hits me, when he walks off that bus on Friday he will no longer be the Kindergartener, but rather the first grader. As another father said at the bus stop, come September he will no longer be the youngest one at the stop. He will have it down pat.

Lord help us all.

The funny thing is, a couple months ago he said he couldn't wait for summer break. While this still remains true there is a bit of fear in him as well. He mentioned he didn't exactly want to leave Kindergarten. Why? Because he loved it, because he like myself suffers from Peter Pan syndrome, in which he doesn't want to grow up. Because he loved his teachers. Because first grade may be hard.

Somehow, I think he will be just fine....
Come September.

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