Thursday, January 8, 2015

Resolutions?? How about goals.

I don’t make resolutions anymore. Probably because I found half the time, one can never keep them. But this does not mean I do not have goals for myself.  This year I have some pretty big ones to live up to.  And with any hopes I may actually finish them and succeed at it being a banner year. Which I am determined to make it. Yes, that is right I am already calling this year to not only be better than last year, but amazingly so.

2015 goals:

Read 45 books.-Which is actually 3 more than I read this past year, so fingers crossed.
Finish school and graduate-As of right now I am sitting at 129 days till graduation. It has been a long road and will be one of my biggest accomplishments to date.
 Write, and mean it. No I am not just talking about blogging, because yes I will continue this either way. But I have always wanted to be a writer, a novelist. And once school is done and out of the way I will have no excuse not to find time.

Pay at least two things off. Easier said than done, but I am guaranteed at least one of thing as I am down to two car payments now.  It is not a bill I am sad to see go that is for sure.  Here is to hoping I can figure out how to get at least one other bill to disappear.

Change something. Whether it is where my career is going, my location or simply a hair style. This year I want to change at least one thing for the better.

DisneyMP. No this is not a dream I am giving up on. Yes you better believe I still strive to make it, and am determined to come back in the fall better than I did this past year.  Some dreams do not die.

I am sure there will be others as the year goes on. Just as much as I am sure there will be road blocks along the way, things that I can not control and have no control over. But for the moment these are the things that I am determined to work on and make happen. 

Here is to 2015 my friends.

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