Friday, January 16, 2015

No rest for this gal.

We all have those weeks, the kind where you seem to be running in circles and fear it will never stop. The kind where you are so busy, by the time you actually get to take that break you just about plop.
Yes this has been my week.  And you know it has actually been rather nice.

Yes I have been running around, yes it feels as though the moment I finish one thing something else is needed to be done.  Everyone wants or needs something. I could complain about it I suppose. After all there are those days when it seems like all I do is sit and wait for something. But I am not. Because even if I am extremely busy, and I feel like I cannot catch my breath or wrap my brain around anything let alone one simple project, well the days? They go pretty quickly.

It beats the alternative.

What is more I actually feel as though I am making a difference and hey I have discovered you can teach someone new tricks. Believe me I have learned a lot of things (which I was supposed to apparently already know), things that will come in handy down the road on so many levels. 

All good things. All good things indeed. 

What is more, it makes this Friday that much more sought after. While I love Fridays to begin with, this Friday I actually feel like I deserve the two day break. I feel like I can walk out those doors thinking I accomplished things. I got things done. And it feels rather good to be able to do things and get things done.

And this gal will gladly take it.

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