Monday, November 10, 2014

Day Ten: I am thankful for witnessing all four seasons.

I love this time of year. When the leaves are changing, sweaters are pulled out and I can throw on my knee high boots and totally get away with it. Yes I may be a summer girl but there is something about the autumn that makes me fall in love with the season. I love the color scheme of the season, the burnt reds and deep yellows. 

And today I am thankful that I have grown up and been raised in an area which allows for all four seasons. Yes the winters may get snow, and the temps drop well below what I would like. And yes I will moan and complain about it until spring arrives. Because despite it being beautiful, it does get old after awhile.

That being said at least  we get to experience it. I get to watch the leaves fall and drink hot chocolate in the fall and then lay out with a book in the spring as the buds bloom.  I have run in to a couple of people who have never seen the change over, somehow I get the sense they felt as though they missed out. Come to think of it I suppose they have in a way.

So yes, today I am thankful for the area I grew up in. For allowing me to have it all. I get to experience it all. I get the best of all worlds. Autumn, Spring, Summer and yes even winter. 

And that when I think of it. Well that is not to bad if you ask me.

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