Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 18: I am thankful for my sisters!

I have two sisters. And I am lucky enough to say I am sandwiched right in the middle.  Yes, yes I am a middle child. And believe me at times I definitely agree with the whole middle child thing.

But on this evening, I find I am thankful. Not only for both of my sisters, but for being a middle child.


Well other than the fact I have two incredibly talented sisters, two beautiful and amazing sisters. I am also honored and lucky enough in the sense that I am both a big sister and a little sister. Which is something neither can say. If you ask me, that is like getting the best of both worlds.

So yes I am thankful for my big sis, who I always wanted to be like. I mean who else could get me to reenact the entire movie of Annie! with her, and make it totally work. Who else would be crazy enough to listen to me ramble on and on about how I thought Newsies would make the best musical out there (yep we were way ahead of Disney on this one) we had the whole thing worked out, the writers the set the costumes. I just wish we were old enough to actually understand it could have happened. And who else could I get my musical love from.

And I am thankful for my totally crazy, freespirited little sister. Who, I always found the be beautiful and talented. Who I always thought, if I could be a little more free like her. Maybe she doesn't know this, but it is true. We have had our own crazy adventures. Thankfully we did not grow up in the era of social media as I am sure our epic mothers day show in the basement, a parody of Ghostbusters to Fartbusters (how mom let us both live to double digits after that is beyond me) would have gone viral by now. And yet, she has always been there. Stuck up for me and taken no crap. I love that about her.

Maybe I will never be the star like the older sister was. Or the baby/ wild one like my little sisters.

Maybe I will forever be the middle sister.

But you know to me?
There is no better place I would rather be.

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