Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 12: Thankful for the Disney Parks Moms Panel Process!

If you were a 2015 Disney Parks Moms Panel you probably spent the better half of the afternoon glued to your email waiting for a magical (or in some cases, not so) email. Were you going to be a yes or a no? Could this be your year.

Yes I confess I was one of the many who sat nervously behind my computer. Did I want to check? Maybe I didn't. But I had come to the decision that either way, what I was thankful for that day is the friendships and the connections that I had made through the process. We have become a family. Strangers miles away linked together through the love of Disney. That in itself is all sorts of awesome.
So either way I was to be happy. That was my decision. So today, on day 12 of what I am thankful for I thank the Disney Parks Moms Panel process for allowing me to meet some of the incredible guests that have gone through the journey with me. Whether I have connected with you personally or not, it has been an amazing thing to go through year after year.

I did receive the magical email. I danced. I admit I ran around the office looking for someone to tell when who I really wanted to tell was the other hopefuls because they knew exactly what this meant. I realize a lot of my fellow hopefuls, some of which I have become quite good friends with didn't receive the same news and my heart went out to them. I know how much dedication and love they put in to it. I know the desire to continue on is strong. But I also know, just because it is not their year this year, doesn't mean it will forever be a no. Believe me, I know. Yet these same men and women who received a no, turned around and congratulated me for moving on. I just wish I could have returned the favor to them, and hopefully one day I will be able to. Because as a Disney family, this is what we do.

And because of that, today I am thankful for them.

On to Round 3.

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