Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hang in there Nats fans.

Well Nats fan, I feel your pain. As an avid and loyal Caps fan, you better believe I feel every emotion you are going through this morning.

We have been there many many times before.

The loss the morning after, stings. Unbelievably so. Even I admit to it. I watched last night hoping for a miracle. Of the kind I knew would be hard (but not impossible) to come by. The hope was renewed when Harper tied it up. But as we know, much like the game of hockey the game can not be won (nor lost) by one solo person. Still the hope was renewed, it was there. And maybe just maybe they could pull it off, force the teams to come back to D.C.

It is a thought I have often found myself believing and hoping for during playoff hockey games. Yet, the results have often been quite the same as the results we saw last night. A little too late.

I do not have much to offer any of you. Other than this. The guys had an incredible year. I know it is little consolation right now, believe me I know. But they did. If nothing more they made a name for themselves. And maybe it wasn't noticed around you, but from where I sat and watched around the DC area, there seemed to be a whole lot more support and a broader fan base than there has been in years. Yes, this may be due to the season, but does it matter? Making a name for themselves can be an incredible thing really.

So enjoy that.

That game on Saturday? The one that went thru to the bottom of the 18th inning? Well that is not something you see every day and if you ask me it was an amazing game. I could be wrong of course but it took 18 innings for them to Win that be proud of that. Nor was any of the games blow outs. And how many times have we seen those sort of games? The kind that end up 7-1 or 6-0. For me I would much rather see a close hard fought win than a blow out lose any day.

I realize my thoughts may be of little help to you. As much as I know it will do nothing to save the season. Because at the end of the day, they lost. The media and the sports world will slam,over analyze and criticize the team. Chatter will begin as who is to blame, who they should keep and who should be let go. It is their job to do so. But this will pass, it always does.

So perhaps today you are swearing you are done. You are moving and pledging your alliance to another team (hey the O's are still in it) but bare this in mind. Tomorrow is another day. A fact us DC sport fans should be pretty used to saying.

And hey, there is always next season right?

This too sounds vaguely familiar.

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