Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ode to the #DisneyMP hopefuls. It won't be too long now.

Well my friends, it is the last day of September which means one thing. The news that many have been holding their breath and waiting on, is just around the corner. Yes, that is right it won't be too long now before those round 2 notifications go out.  Breathe my fellow hopefuls breathe.

I know we all have our own ways of staying busy, avoiding (the best we can anyway) not to think about the odds, the process. We try not to overanalyze, over-think.  We do this by going on with our lives as though nothing big is going on, as though this is no big deal. But who are we kidding, this is most definitely a big deal, and not thinking about it? Well it seems like an impossible thing to do. Especially as we get closer to those magical pixie dusted notifications.

So yes we stay busy. For some we find our creative outlets. We scrapbook, we sew. We make those adorable Halloween costumes that our neighbors are envious of for years to come. We volunteer. And we spend endless amounts of time (and money) at the Disney Store. Any way to feel that much more connected. I am the same. But my craft does not pour out in pictures, or costumes. But rather words.

And because of that, and because I felt the urge to do so. I crafted a little poem for all of us hopefuls.

Ode to the #DisneyMP hopefuls

Here's to you 
The entire pixie dusted planners
Those Neverland believers.
The first timers or the 7th year triers.
Here’s to practically perfect days.
And magical filled nights.

Here’s to you
Disney Moms and Dads
The never giving up ones.
Or this is the last time promisers.
Here’s to waiting rooms once more.
And nervous hopes.

Here’s to you
The grammar checker
The picture takers.
The owner of an extra set of ears.
Here’s  to checking things twice
And the second guessers.

Here’s to you
The tweeters and posters
The up all night over thinkers.
The just one more dayers
Here’s to cryptic messages
And those figure outers.

Here’s to you
Now Moms Panel hopefuls.
Forever the Disney Dreamers.
New lifelong friends
Here’s to a three month journey.
For a lifetime destination.

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