Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My message to all my fellow #DisneyMP hopefuls.

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A week from today the search for the 2015 Disney Parks Moms Panelists begins. Yes a week from now so many of us will be anxiously pacing the floor until the window opens.
If you ask me, it is by far truly the most magical time of year. 

Will I be joining once more? Absolutely I will be. How could I not be joining the lovely waiting room with my fellow hopefuls? After all it has gotten to be something I enjoy and look forward to every year regardless how far I have or have not made it. The waiting room during the few months while the selection process is being made has become more than just a hashtag on Twitter, more than just random strangers, but rather more of a community – a support group to laugh and cry with. And friends have been made; yes each and every one of the hopefuls has become friends.

I was asked the other day if I had any advice on the process. If there was any special formula to consider while applying? There isn’t. The best I could say are things I too have learned from my previous experiences during the process. 

Be you. Be true to yourself. Believe in yourself, your abilities and your knowledge. On the same lines do not feel intimidated that someone knows five thousand little facts about certain areas. But rather relish in and embrace the things that YOU know. Do not focus on what others may or may not know. It will only lead to worry and doubt in your own self. 

Do this for yourself, not for someone else. I realize this may sound silly but it is the simple truth. I believe we put so much pressure to try and live up to something we think others want us to be. On the same sort of line as that, do not try and measure up or be someone you think they want you to be. Realize your own potential. Trust that as well.

Don’t question yourself. The moment you hit submit you will wonder did I do enough? Will they like it? Secretly you will be wondering will they like me? But let it go, let it come naturally. It will. Have a little faith. 

Don’t over think it. Not sure about you but it has been on my mind a lot lately. I have endless amounts of discussions regarding it during dinner conversations, on the commute in to work. During back to school shopping. It is the same way every year. It is so hard not thinking about it, or as some in the community call it, obsess about it. It has become a part of a lot of our lives. With that being said, there is a life out there beyond the application process. Try to live it. Continue life. Even if it is helping those around you have the most magical time on their own Disney Vacations. Consider it great practice for when you do get on that panel

Enjoy it, the process the road and the journey. And yes, it is a long journey. The three months from round one, to round 3–should we get lucky enough to make it that far–is a long one. Yes you will go through every emotion while doing so. But the most important one is to enjoy it. 

Reread, re-edit and redo if necessary. Yes these are just as important. Make sure you double check for spelling errors. What about your key terms? Are they right? You may think it isn’t a big deal but it is. How is that ultra-popular restaurant at the Polynesian spelled? O’Hanas? Ohana’? Or is it ‘Ohana?  

Of course all of this is no guarantee. Many of us will receive the not so magical emails come October. It will be heartbreaking and you will have to wait a whole other year–which will be the longest year of your life–you will no doubt question a lot of things. Some of us will be lucky enough to make it on to the rounds that follow, and some of us will ultimately on to the panel. 

But do not think about any of this for now. As of right now, we are all hopefuls.

Let faith do its thing. Believe in the possibility. Hang on to the magic for as long as your journey lets you.

May the pixie dust be with you.

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Ellen Cusack said...

Love the message and I'm wishing you and all hopefuls all the best,to infinity and beyond! Let the Pixie Dust fall where it may, hopefully our way!