Monday, March 3, 2014

White out.

Well it seems Mother Nature is not willing to release her hold on winter just yet as another storm is pounding the DC area.


If it tells you anything, even my snow loving winter praising husband turned to me and announced he is through with it. Done. Finished.

Yes I too felt the ground shake on that one.

I keep reminding myself it will eventually let up right? It has to. But at the moment as I stare out my window where we are expecting about 7 inches, well I am beginning to think this is the new normal.

Which is kind of amazing considering the government and all are complaining about global warming, if this is true one would not think snow would be coming in during March. OK yes, I know March can be snowy, and all but still......come on. Give me a break.

I would love to go a week without having to shovel, worry about what I am going to do with work and sit in anticipation on what the school systems, including the university is going to do.

Perhaps I have said this already, but let me say it again, those around me better not complain when I relish in the summer months and beg for winter to return.

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