Saturday, February 15, 2014

So who do you root for?

This is not my photo, I do not take credit for it.
This morning my son and I got up early to watch the hockey match between the U.S. and Russia. Even before the start of the games, the match had been well talked about.

Especially in our house. Where we pretty much eat sleep and breath hockey on any given day. Olympics or otherwise. But for obvious reasons, this game has been highly talked about and anticipated by the likes of myself, my husband and little man himself, who is just excited to see hockey.

Even if he doesn't fully get it.

Admittedly at five, he has no idea the significance of the game. He does not know just how important it means to the Russians. Does not get what winning the gold would mean to them. And the only thing he knows about the Miracle on Ice is that its the signed and framed picture that hangs in our hockey themed basement, a picture he isn't allowed to touch of daddy's.

What he does know is this. His favorite hockey player-and self proclaimed best friend-wears yellow skate laces, is missing a tooth and plays for his favorite hockey team in D.C. He also just happens to be Russian.

And thus begins the great debate. The who do you root for one. For Logan it is simple, Russia he yells as the puck dropped. Yet he couldn't understand why I wasn't for Ovi. I did not know how to explain to him, that while I want Ovi to do well and I wish him well. For the moment, and for the next week I just want the .U.S.A to do better than him.  I will say, while I had no problem rooting against him, and them it definitely was odd to hear his name and think of him as the 'enemy.' And it brings up a good point.

Who do you root for? Do you root for an individual player, because I will admit I want Ovi to have a fabulous Olympics. Or do you root for the team? And is there a way to do a little bit of both and still not look like a trader on either end?

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