Monday, February 17, 2014

A long lazy weekend.

You know what's amazing? Having a long weekend. Even more so when the expected three day weekend, turns into a long five day weekend. Thank you snowstorm. Yes that is right, the snowstorm actually worked in my advantage once and the 18 inches of snow ensured we were home for two extra days.

Of course this makes the thought of going in to work tomorrow that much harder. But isn't that always the way it is.

And how did we spend the five days? Well for starters Anderson and I actually did work from home for the couple of days, because thankfully we were given permission to do so. We also spent the better part of the weekend, OK try most of the weekend in front of the TV watching the Olympics at all odd hours of the day which meant we were able to watch a good chunk of things live. Something we thought we would never be able to given Russia's 9 hours ahead time difference.

What we did not do, was think much of a lot of things. Cleaning got to, Logan was entertained. And life was quiet for the past couple of days.

Which all returns back to normal tomorrow at 4:15 am when the first chime of the alarm will start to go off....

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