Saturday, February 8, 2014


It never fails.  EVER.

I come home from a great vacation, and end up getting sick.  It doesn't matter where. Disney, Boston, North Carolina or somewhere in between. And it doesn't matter when, it could be the middle of summer or spring. Or in this case. The middle of a long cold winter.  But within the week of my return I enevidably find myself feeling like.


I always find names for these sicknesses. This one is Mickeyitis. And if your wondering what my symptoms are its suffering from lack of warm, and sun. Its breaking out into random song withdraw in the middle of Main Street USA. Its missing the fab five in ways no one truly can understand. Unless they are suffering from the same thing, or have in the past month. And it is glancing at the buses in your local area and thinking, it looks exactly like the transportation system around the parks except they are actually bringing you to places you want to go to.  And it is definitely disappointment in knowing that someone at the very moment is sitting at a table at Ohanna having the best dessert on property.

My head hurts even more from just thinking about it.

I try to tell myself these symptoms will slowly disappear and I will be feeling well enough to be seen in public, but that does not do much to help my snotty nose and sore throat at the moment.

I hear the only cure is another trip to Disney, which again is hard to understand unless you are suffering from Mickeyitis.

Which means, must go back.

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