Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello I am a Disneyholic.

Hello, my name is Aleisha and I am a Disneyholic. While many are slaving away behind their desks dreaming of warm sunny beach, or snowy mountains. I am dreaming of the fab five, and of Mickey bars. And O'hanna right about the time the sun hits the water. Man I love that time of day.

It started back in elementary school. This love of mine with the most magical place and Earth. Though it did not fully come in to light until 2006, when I brought my new husband to the parks. And I am not so ashamed to admit I have gotten my husband hooked on it as well.

Ever since then, the need has gotten worse. I go through withdraws if I go to long in between trips. I plan, and replan and spend hours invisioning what we will be doing. I reserve dinners, count down days and do anything possible to ensure I get at least a daily dose.

I want nothing more than to be strolling down Main St, or jumping in line for Space Mountain no matter what they wait time says. And I love watching kids enjoy Mickey Bars even if I can't partake in them. All I need to do is close my eyes and I am there. In the middle of it all. Just one thought, and my fix may not be totally cured but at least I feel at ease again.

Yes it is bad. 

This is only enhanced when a unbelievable deal comes through my inbox with flights that would get us there in two hours for less than $400 round-trip. I nearly decide to do it, because 172 days doesn't seem quite soon enough. Even if I have just returned. I slide over and check everything out, and bite my tongue because it is possible. Maybe just a short long weekend trip with just the husband and I is what is in order.

And just as any addict, the temptation is great. What is one more hit going to hurt right? Even though you know you shouldn't and you know you want to but its not the right thing to do. It is moments like this when I have to step away from my computer and resist the temptation. Because it truly is that great of a deal.

And what is once more during the year going to hurt? I am proud to say thus far I have stayed away from the super deal, and managed to close all browsers. Reminding myself, 172 days truly isn't all that long right? Until then I will try to live through various friends and followers who are heading down to get my fix. Because its a lot better than spending money I don't have, or should spend elsewhere.

I am sure somewhere there is a group for people like me, though they all reside down in Disney by now.  Though to be honest, this isn't an addiction I am willing to let go.

And it sure beats the alternative.

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