Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Five 1/3/2014: Useless

Well it seems old man winter has decided to make his presence known here on the east coast. It is a frigid something in the teen degree, with a windshield factor of even worse. Last night brought snow and ice, leaving many the day off. But I am here, and working. Which means, you guys  get another round of Five Question Friday. This weeks theme:Useless, which is quite fitting considering the day here at work as many are out is exactly that.

1. What item in your house is pleasantly useless?

Our key holder. I found it at Home Goods awhile ago, it acts as a shelve and we put our teacups on it. Funny, we do not drink hot tea. Which would make both pretty useless. But it looks good and it goes with the kitchen so we keep it for no other reason than just for decoration purposes.

2. What item in your house was used exactly once and will probably never be used for its intended purpose again?

Probably the china. It was my grandparents. We used it once for a fancy dinner I believe and have never taken it out since. Then again, with a preschooler, well its not so easy to just have the china laying around.  But it looks really nice and very pretty when we did.

3. What situation do you continue to attempt repairing ‘though your efforts appear to be useless?

I have yet to master the whole monkey bars with one hand thing. I know its pretty useless, but none the less I continue to attempt to do them. I will count it as a success one of these days. Perhaps when my grandchildren are around, but one day I will! Determination is my middle name.

4. What are your thoughts on belly buttons?

After my surgeries back in 2011, I lost my belly buttons. Or actually didn't have one for the longest time. It bothered me more than I would have thought. Because it is after all just a belly button. But when something is there, well everyone around me had one. I didn't like showing off my stomach during that time....and my sisters thought it was very odd. Maybe it was. I finally got one back somewhat, but it is now an outie. Which is strange to me. But let me tell you, it beats not having one at all. Believe it or not, it made my entire stomach look...strange.

5. What food item at your grocery store keeps calling out to you, ‘though you have no idea what you’d do with it?

Hear is the thing, it calls to you and you eventually try it and you just never know. It used to be asparagus. And now, well I happen to really enjoy asparagus. So in a lot of ways, just pick it up and try it and you may surprise yourself.

And there you have it. My Friday Five. I have several things in the book to write about, including some upcoming plans ahead and all, but for now I shall let you enjoy your Friday afternoon. Stay warm my friends, stay warm.

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