Monday, December 30, 2013

Nick and Stacy: The great sibling campaign 2013

Have you met Nick and Stacy? Neither have I. But according to Logan they are his brother and sister. And he has been campaigning pretty hard lately for them to appear. And by this I mean he is going around to everyone from my parents, to our favorite waitresses to even perfect strangers telling them all about the two. Yes, he has named them. Which of course leads many to ask the question, are we expecting? After all if you listen to my four year old son, we should be having one within in the next three weeks. 

For the record, we aren’t.

Now I expected to feel the pressure from my family, from friends even the occasional coworkers who seem to be questioning on a daily basis anymore. But my own son? Not so much. And I don’t know how to deal with it. Not anymore anyway. This was made even clearer when Anderson and I were throwing out some of Logan’s old baby things; the swings, the stroller, all things we loved and cherished so much. As I watched Andy walk out the door his hands full, it was not I who stopped him, but little man himself crying out to stop because that was for the other babies. He asked me again when they were going to get here. He wants them to come and play. 

It just about broke my heart.

This is also not the first time Nick and Stacy have been brought up. In fact they have been brought up by him for the better part of two years now. He sat me down one evening and told me he wanted to have a conversation about a brother or sister, if it is a brother it shall be Nick, if it’s a girl I would like Stacy. In those exact words. At two, this frightened me. At four I wonder how he even knew the word conversation.  I have to say I pity the party he runs against should he decide to run for anything. He is if nothing more, pretty persistent. He also puts on one hell of a great battle campaign. Believe me, it has not been easy to tell him no.

No, we have not ruled out the thought of another child. If you were to ask me I would tell you I would love to have another one. But things get in the way, unexpected major surgeries, recover time. School. Before you know it one year turns into the next. And your son still remains an only child.

I do not know what the future holds; I do not have an answer at the moment one way or another.
But if you ask Logan it better include a sibling…

Or two


eslachtdermai said...

I know that it's easy for me to say on the outside and all, but I find this hilarious and ridiculously cute! I remember when my mom was pregnant with my brothers (there's almost a four year difference between us) and I hated the thought of needing to share everything with siblings, especially two at once. Do you even like the names Nick and Stacy? I guess maybe just tell him that all good things come with time, though then you're locking into eventually having two new little wonders.

Aleisha said...


Believe it or not I found it hilarious myself. It was and has been totally out of the blue, which I think has been the funniest part of the whole thing.

As for the names, we like Nick better than Stacy, and would actually consider it, should we ever need to. Stacy on the other

He has been a good sport about the whole thing really and we say someday which usually gets him off the subject. At least for five minutes.