Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: A year in review.

Well here we are. On the eve of a new year. Amazing isn't it? I mean here we were, celebrating the end of 2012 yesterday. Or so it seems shall I say. But yes, we have come to the end. I can't say 2013 was spectacular in any given way. Then again it wasn't truly horrible either. It was, a lot of ups, and a lot of downs. but not over the top on either one of them. 
But this all being said, it is always a fun look back at the year that was. From my standpoint of the world anyhow. 
So lets begin shall we?


The year started off with a bang. Literally. As the day after we rang in the new year, my father had a transformer blow up in his face, burning most of  his head, and his cornea's. Miraculously he made a full recover though if you were to ask my mom, his mind is not all together there anymore. But his eye sight is in-tacked and he was able to go back to work two weeks later. I will say, as his guardian until my mother arrived, there is nothing scarier than getting your fathers things handed over to you and signing off on paperwork in the event of anything happening. It is truly something I don't want to see happen any time soon. But I was happy to be there when he needed me, as he has been there for me.

It was also a big month in hockey, as the lockout ended (seems so long ago now) bringing our beloved sport back, and we were more than OK with a short season by this point.


Logan turned four. It was a pretty big deal to him. To me, it is a bittersweet as I enjoy watching him grow up, knowing his isn't going to be my little boy for very much longer is a hard pill to swallow. But I love every step of the journey his childhood is taking me on. We also got him out on skates for the first time, a little behind in times, but still had a blast none the less.


With our tax refund came paying off two bills. While they were some of the minor ones, I must admit it felt pretty amazing seeing that balance go to zero. Here is to hoping we can do the same, or come close to it in 2014. No guarantee's. But we are hoping to anyhow.
At work, changes were being made as our company began a huge reorganization phase. Most of us spent every Tuesday/Wednesday of the month on pins and needles waiting for slips that either came or didn't. I managed to survive somehow and made it out of the month while still nervous and unsure of the future,  with a job. Sadly, some of my friends didn't.


We spent the first full weekend celebrating Anderson's birthday up at the cabin in West Virginia with his family. The rest of the month was consumed with a group project for my management class, it was quite the pain, but we managed to get it done. Logan's push for a sibling truly began. Though he had been requesting one for over a year. He decided to name them. He has asked on a daily basis pretty much since.
 It was also a sad month in the nation as the Boston Marathon saw terror come to it. Anderson and I watched and was glued to television for the week as we watched the quest for the two gentlemen responsible. And we listened on the road as the caught them....It still remains a sad moment in deed.


 A busy month, as I turned 33, and we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Logan finished preschool and was given the go ahead to start Pre-K in the fall. After we boarded him up and took off for a long memorial day weekend of celebrating at our favorite place and home away from home. STAR WARS weekend at Disney was a blast, despite its packed stages. Logan realized he was tall enough to ride his beloved Star Tours and half the other rides, and there was firsts on many accounts. It remains one of my favorite memories of the year.


If May was busy, June seemed to slow down for us. As I don't remember much of it. Summer began, the days got longer. We realized how smart Logan was as he recited song lyrics he had heard one time before. He gets this from me apparently. But other than that, the month was uneventful.


July was a fabulous month around the world as we awaited the arrival of the Prince/Princess. I had placed my bets back in April, as a long shot...and wouldn't you know I nailed the exact date. 
Logan spent time with my sister and my mom down in North Carolina for a good long while and had a blast doing things any four year old would. He also had his first dentist appointment and believe it or not, actually enjoyed the experience. Yes, he laughed and flirted with the assistance the entire way.


Much like July, August was pretty fabulous. And it was trip filled. We headed back down to the world once more this year, and spent a wonderful week down there. Bonus, my brother in law and sister in law came to visit us for the first half. My favorite moment had to be watching little man and uncle Elliott race down the halls like stormtroopers!!!
Got to enjoy my first singles weekend in years, as Andy took Logan down south for the weekend. It was exceptionally strange. And very quiet. While I enjoyed it I don't know if I could do it all the time. 
At the end of August I got to live out something I had been planning for years. I finally got to see Kenny Chesney perform up in Boston, a lifelong dream for me.  Seeing him in the city I loved, on closing night of the show none the less is something that blew me away. There was definitely some sort of magic in the Boston air. And I couldn't have asked for a better weekend, nor was it more fitting of timing as he announced he would not be touring in 2014.


Not one of my favorite months of the year. In fact it was pretty hard. As here in the Navy Yard area, we saw the shooting on base. My work went on lock down for several hours, made national news  and spent most of that week in a fog. In the end  my office lost two people, plus a client.  It is not a day that I would like to remember but know I will forever be associated with it. I know I was not the same person there for a good chunk of the month, and don't remember most of it to be honest. I ended up seeking counseling for it. While it helped, I do not wish it on anyone.


Found the biggest news of the year as I moved along in the process of my quest to be a Disney Parks Moms Panelist. It was round 2 at this point, but after the blur of September it was a much needed happiness. Pretty sure I was on cloud nine.
 I also managed to make it to over 73,000 words in a piece I have been working on this past year. It was quite an accomplishment as I have never reached anything passed 50,000. I also think this is the best piece I have ever written and am excited to see where it takes me.


Saw both my joy and excitement of making it to Round 3 of the same Disney Parks Mom Panel and the heartbreak of not making it through to actually becoming a panelist for 2014. The month was an emotional roller coaster of high and low. But I will say I was thrilled to be a part of the magic. I made some incredible friendships and the journey taught me a lot. And you can rest assure I am not giving up and will be back come next fall to do it all again. And yes I am determined. I will make it through one day.


Which leaves us with this last month of the year. I kept myself busy so not to think about the DMP spending time instead with little man and Anderson. We enjoyed a special weekend making cookies, and visiting Santa before hitting up Build-A-Bear and light seeing at night. The holidays were fabulous and actually long this year which was even better.

Looking back it has been quite a year. And what will 2014 hold? My quest to being a moms panelist for 2015? A new job? Finishing that project I have been working on? The year awaits.
And anything is possible.


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