Saturday, December 21, 2013

An elf story.

Well I have done it. I have fallen victim to the whole overdo it when it comes to our Elf on the Shelf aka Puck.

Now I know I am by no means the only one. But you see I swore I wouldn't. I swore I would just move the creepy little elf around the house and have Logan find him.  It was easier that way you see. But then, well I saw one idea, and then another. And I thought well how fun would it be. Maybe just once I would do something creative. But we all know what happens next.

One becomes two, and then two becomes three and before long you think you may as well just keep with the whole shenanigan. Besides one look at Logan's face when he saw what Puck was up to, and well I was a goner.

And so my once quickly turned into more than just once and has turned the creepy little elf into a member of the family of some sorts as every night Anderson and I sit down to discuss what we are going to do with Puck for the following day. Would he be swimming in a tub of marshmallows, or hanging by a candy cane? On a shelf or under a bed? The possibilities seem endless anymore. As we speak he sits in our guest bedroom playing his umpteenth round of Candy Land while I try to come up with what he will be up to in the morning.

Maybe the whole concept is ridiculous. Some say a little creepy. And while yes I admit it is a little of both at the same time, Puck represents magic and fun and everything that the season is about.


And as ridiculous as it is, if emerging a creepy elf in a sink full of marshmallows and telling my son he is taking a bath makes him believe just a little more, and a little longer.

Well then, by all means you better believe I will do it.

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