Monday, October 28, 2013

While we wait, there is always a trip to plan.

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While I wait to hear any sort of news regarding round 3 of the Disney Parks Moms Panel selection I have been attempting to keep my mind off of it. It hasn't worked out well. But of course what better way to not think about it than to plan the next trip  right? Absolutely. Especially with the surprises I have in store for the next go around.

Two years ago when we realized little man was growing up before our eyes, Anderson and I got this plan to celebrate his last birthday before Kindergarten at his favorite place in the world. Like we needed a specific reason to go, because let’s face it, it's his mom's and dad's favorite as well.

Now usually, we try to involve him as much as a 4 year old can be involved in the planning aspects of our trips back ‘home.’ We let him help with which restaurants to choose, where we all want to stay. He even helps pack. And when it comes down to it, he gets just as excited as we are to see those magical numbers inch closer and closer to zero.
But how cool would it be to surprise him? And so with the thought in mind, Anderson and I got to work.  

The plan is simply to build a long weekend-thankfully his birthday actually falls on a weekend-fulfilling a little boys dream, and making it truly all about him. Arriving at the end of January we will be staying at the Beach Club Villas for four fabulous nights. As this is the last DVC resort we have yet to stay at, this was Andy’s and I only contribution to the surprise. The rest is all of his favorites.

Pulling off a surprise for a kid that goes at least once a year may not seem possible, but I assure you it most definitely is. Thanks in part to parents owning a 2nd house in NC, the unexpected trip won't seem so out of place. I am sure he will get the hint when we wake him at oh dark thirty in the morning. Then again, he is up before 6 on a normal basis. So...maybe not?

And even if so, we will have plenty of surprises in store:


I was able to schedule  some sweet reservations at 'Ohana- that 'special' Logan allergy free dessert says it all. Whispering Canyon-I can't think of a better way to say happy birthday than receiving 5,000 bottles of ketchup, Coral Reef-he is in love with the Seas at Epcot. And then there was the matter of his his actual birthday breakfast. I wanted something special, something I know for a fact he will love. There was no second guessing, the kid loves Chef Mickeys. And thankfully, they had availability. I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday morning than with the fab five themselves! What a party.


As this is his show for the five days, no going with what mom and dad want, but rather what he wants. He want to do Star Tours ninety times, so be it! He wants to hop over to do Buzz, well hey that is OK with us too. Ultimately we just want to make the most of the time, and the days because you only turn five once. And let's face it, the whole point is for this weekend to be all about him. So enjoy little man, enjoy.

That being said, if the kid wants to do the Jedi training session and forgo the rides all together, daddy just may be happy with that as well...he has always wanted to have an official Jedi for a son

The birthday surprise.

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Maybe the trip seems like enough, but then again what is a birthday without a present? Thanks to they came up with the perfect answer a couple of months back. Anyone that knows my son, knows he is a Star Wars fanatic, fanatic may be an underestimate here. But he is.

So in helping someone set up a surprise for their own surprise this past summer I came across the Star Wars gift pack to beat all gift packs, well in the eyes of this Jedi to be.I figured it had to be destiny, since the advertisement even had his name on it.While it may be on the high end price wise, I can't wait to see his reaction to it when it shows up in our room from mousekeeping. Happy Birthday little man, Happy Birthday indeed.

With 95 days until we arrive, things seem to be coming together quite nicely. Other than a few minor things here and there I think the hardest part is hearing him ask every morning how many days til we go-at the moment he thinks its next August-and knowing full well what is in store for him. OK maybe the hardest part is actually going to be keeping it a secret...


Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

Wow! Logan is going to be one happy birthday boy! This is awesome, Aleisha!

Aleisha said...


Thanks, besides turning 1, he has never celebrated his birthday down in Disney, we always wanted to do it...with the Olympic break, it worked out perfectly.