Tuesday, September 17, 2013

lock down.

I am sure by now many have heard about the happenings at the Navy Yard yesterday. And by now many know that I work right next to it, in fact standing at the window I can see into. Which yes, pretty much means I had a first hand experience of watching as they went on lock down as my own company went on lock down. I not only watched it all but heard as the helicopters seemed to come lower and lower. I did not need to turn on the live coverage. I was the live coverage.

I will not lie and say I  wasn't scared because I was. I began to shake as they told us to prepare to be here for awhile, pulled us away from the windows and doors. We were offering shelter to the personnel at the Navy Yard many whom we work with and for had no where else to go. And I felt bad as one by one I watched them crumble in each others arms knowing all I could do is offer them nothing more than a hot cup of coffee, an open ear and a safe haven.

Believe me I heard stories, many I do not wish to repeat, even now as I sit here listening to things, with names that are so familiar and people that we know I am stunned. And in tears. I do not know what to think, I do not wish to hear anymore.

Being on lock down is no laughing matter. It is not fun, its scary as hell. I can't even imagine anything more at this moment. I did not enjoy it. But I will not pretend to say I know what they were going through at all, because I don't. We knew some of the victims yes they were colleagues and friends, they were people we emailed and spoke to on a daily basis. The office is a lot different than it was when I walked in yesterday.

I do not post this to make news, or to see my name in a local paper. But simply because I needed to say something...I am proud of how the brave law enforcement handled the matter, proud of how, DC,MD, and VA teams came together to ensure no other harm was done.

And my heart goes out to the victims.....may you be in a far better place now.

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