Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The boys of summer-what I'm listening to.

The music nerd in me loves this time of year. Seriously. Nothing beats the days when you can roll down that window, blast the tunes and just drive. And lets be honest here nothing beats the summer when it comes to tunes...I mean I don't see a whole lot of people creating a winter playlist, unless it just happens to be of the holiday kind.

And now that we are at the unofficial halfway point of the season-which is lets be real, hard to fathom-I figured I would put out what I am currently listening to. You know just in case you wanted to know, were looking for some tunes yourself or were just curious on what Aleisha is listening to this week:

Blurred Lines By Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell:

Love it or leave it, think its offensive or not. No denying it is quite the catchy tune. Not even my anti anything popular sounding husband can't seem to deny this fact. And even if its wrong, you gotta admit it has only brought on more publicity, peeking everyone's attention that much more. Bravo.

Get Lucky by Pharell and Daft Punk:

Maybe this  should be Pharrell's summer. Two huge hits on our hands if you count the RT song above.  There is just something about the song that makes me want to dance. And yes, I will dance or find a way to in my car to this jam.

Boys Round  Here by Blake Shelton

 Keeping it a little country, there is something about this sexy man that makes me want a fling with a cowboy. Just once. It borders the line of country and pop, and is undeniably fun to jam to...even if I can't do the duggie. Whatever that is.

Cruise by Florida Georgia Line

Maybe I haven't mentioned how mainstream country has become. If you need further proof look no further, as this duo seems to making headway in to our homes and hearts...even the name sounds pretty summerish if you ask me. Smooth one boys, smooth one.


Pirate Flag by Kenny Chesney

And lets face it, it wouldn't quite be summer, well in my playbooks anyway without a little Kenny. A little sand, a little summer on an island and you have one fine day right there. Maybe its not the classic country rock anthems we are so used to hearing from the man but a little island soul can go along way during the long hot lazy days of summer.

And there you have it, my halfway to through the season summer matter whats on yours, may you enjoy a little sun and fun while doing so...

Now the only question is: Whats on yours?

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