Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello July.

Halfway though the year. 
Can you belief it? I can't. 
I sit here writing this thinking how the hell did we come to this point of the year already? Christmas will be here before we know. Shit.
As I flipped the calendar this month I assumed it was going to be a somewhat uneventful month ahead. You know the kind that is in between. I figure it will be spent getting ready for our summer vacation next month. And long lazy days. But this morning my mother called to ask if she  could take my son down to North Carolina for a week or so. 
Yes, I say. He will love that.
And he will.
We make plans to go down just for a short weekend this upcoming one and will leave him down there.  Little man will go ahead of us sometime Wednesday morning.
Its kind of a strange thought.
I know he has left us before, to visit my sister in the same state that he will be going to in 48 hours. But the feeling is always the same. The odd sense that I am going to lose something so precious to me. Even if I am used to it, my mommy instincts kick in and I think now what am I going to do. I cant remember the last time I slept in without him by my side. Or have a clean house without it immediately being trashed again.
Its a little foreign still.
By the time the little man returns, we will be just around two weeks to go before vacation I believe. A dentist appointment falls in between somewhere, as does packing and hoping to get together with a friend...
July not busy?
Not likely. 

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