Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trade Deadline

Today may very well be the biggest day in hockey next to the start of the season. Trade deadline day. Its the day my husband sits behind his computer rearranging rosters and flyers. Programs. And before you ask, no he has no prior knowledge of who is coming or going. Who is safe or not. He may have an idea but mostly its just rumors. And he may now an hour before the deadline or the trade is officially made official/announced, but he does not share any of it. Not even with his wife.

Which means I get to do much like the rest watch sometimes on pins and needles while the ticker goes on, as trades get made. Some leave me shaking my head while others could care less.

There will be no question of rumors. Will Ribeiro go? Will this be the year Luongo leaves Vancouver? What about Miller? Because its rumored he may leave??

And will the Caps actually do anything??

Speaking of which, what would I like for my beloved Caps?? Well I don't expect much, mainly because GM George McPhee has a tendency to do absolutely nothing as he is not willing to give up anything. He wants the results without losing anything. I don't think trades can happen this way. I don't expect to get in any big name player if we aren't willing to let go someone. And no I am not talking about trading Ovi, but I do think you need to move someone. Whomever that may be I do not know. Carlson? Green? Backstrom? None of which I think he would trade but I think if we want to be successful something along those lines are going to need to happen. What I would like to see if a good defensemen, a strong. I don't think we have enough of those on the team, while we may have some good ones, I do not see any of them up to NHL level quite yet.

This of course is just my opinion.

But I am well aware my opinion is just that. GMGM will not take any of into consideration what so ever. Which means for the next several hours I get to watch social media, and websites to see what his opinion exactly is.

Which means if history has proven itself, nothing will happen really.
Nor should we expect anything.

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