Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Five. 4/19:Frosting

Happy Friday, though as the week events have been relayed all around the country, its not been a very good one. Going to keep it simple this week. This weeks theme: Frosting

1. How much frosting do you like on a slice of cake (or on a cupcake)?

I love the just enough to make it good but not enough to take away from the cake. Its the same way I feel about most toppings of any kind.  Which is why I usually order toppings on the side.

2. What’s something else (besides cake or cupcakes) that’s excellent with frosting?

How far off the deep end should I go with this???

3. How close are you (or how many years removed) from your hair turning grey?

Actually been finding greys here and there since high school. Not fully thank god but its been pretty horrible especially when where 15 at the time..

4.With whom would you say you have a frosty relationship?

An old teacher. I still can't stand the sound of her name...

5. What item in your freezer is most likely to be consumed next?

Probably some frozen peas....

Simple and short this week. May your weekend be a lot quieter than the week has been.

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