Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday cheer.

We are now halfway through-well just about anyway-the month of December. By this point in the game I have normally received quite a few of those holiday cards people decide to send out. But this year, well this year the count thus far is 2.

Which led me to start thinking, is the tradition of the holiday card dying? I know so many who have said they don't have the time anymore, nor the patience to sit down and write out cards, address them and send them out. I get it, after all  I myself opted  to do the picture and the standard holiday greeting already printed out. And I admit, I have done this for the past two years. In part because now that I have a son, well I decided to set aside one for us, saving them for reasons I can't explain really. But maybe one day, we will sit back and look at the cards and our family through the years. a way of remembering I suppose. I do however realize by doing this makes the cards a lot less personable. Which is why I sat in my living room this past weekend debating if I should write a note as well, but we had already 'written' a message on the cards and Anderson didn't feel the need to do any more. So I left them just the way they are.

Do I feel guilty that I did? Perhaps, but it sure saved my hand from the whole hand cramping thing.

And while they may not be as personable as they used to be, I tell myself at least I sent it out, and its better than writing the standard happy holidays on every card anyway. I sent them out this morning, with a smile feeling that sense of accomplishment for getting them out, even if nothing more people should be receiving the lovely little holiday mail from yours truly.

This all being said, I do not expect to get hoards of cards anyway. I am not one to send out, just to receive. This is not the purpose of me sending out a card to you. But of course now that I say this, I will probably come home to five in my mailbox. After all, it is only the 11th of December, two weeks to go before the big day. So no one is late, and there is still plenty of time. It was just rather surprising to find that I had only gotten two as in years past they come the moment the 1st of December hits around the house.

And those two that I have received, look awfully lonely hanging on the wall. 

Maybe things really aren't what they used to be. Maybe time slips away from people, the holiday rush comes a lot faster than we realize. We have kids, we go on with our lives. And the good old days when people sent snail mail seem to be fading in the past.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the holiday cards follow suit.


Jessica @ Living La Vida Holoka said...

I'm starting to wonder if this tradition is dying out, too. But I love sending them as well as receiving them. I currently have 4. I remember the days when I'd at least have one a day in my mailbox. Oh well.

eslachtdermai said...

I do love doing it, but this year it's more of a financial thing for me as the reason that I'm not doing it. Last year, I spent $40 total counting the cards plus the postage on Christmas cards. I got ten cards, when I sent fifty. Thus, I called it quits. It is sad though and I do feel bad, because nothing is better than getting a card at this time of year. :/