Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Celebrate good times.

My sisters and I, Hill, Burg...Christmas Eve
Overall it has been a very nice Christmas. Even if it was on the bit on the busy side.

Sunday was spent at the in laws, where we munched and talked and laughed throughout the day. The boys-this includes Logan and my two nephews-enjoyed the umpteenth  round of The Polar Express and Prep and Landing before we gathered around the tree to open presents. For the first time, Logan got to be Grandma's little helper and passed around the gifts like a true champ. The other two were a little more anxious to get to things, but we managed to get through all of them. As I had said in a previous post, this was a bit odd since his parents were heading out of town on Christmas day, the Eve' was moved up a day.

We spent most of Monday being absolutely lazy during the day. There was a little mix of snow in the morning and while it didn't stick it was pretty enough to be happy. And just as Anderson and I were commenting on the long day, it was time to pack it up and head to my aunt and uncle's house, who had invited us over in lieu of the usual X-mas eve celebrations.  But the excitement of the next day was to much for little man, who feel asleep on the way home. Thankfully, we had already put out Santa's cookies, just in case.

Now I usually love Christmas, but this year I was just super excited. Logan is at the fun age where everything is magical, and enthralled with the whole thing And even if I am an adult, and I know all about how everything really works. Well I too was just as excited for the morning. So much so that I found it hard to sleep. And when Logan came in the morning, it was I who screamed Santa came. Logan ran down and couldn't believe his eyes. Anderson and I watched on as he unwrapped-and I mean every piece of paper had to be off-gift after gift and yelled...'oh this is awesome.' after each and every one. Afterwards he played while Andy and I exchanged the gifts to one another.

Christmas #4 came at my parents house that evening. Where if we didn't  get it, my parents sure did for Logan. I swear the kid made out like a bandit between everyone. Again the rounds of this is awesome kept creeping up. I loved how much he thanked everyone and I loved watching him get excited about everything. As we gathered up a sleepy Logan I hated to think that another Christmas was already over.

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