Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Question Friday. Bookish

Welcome to Friday. Its a cool evening here on the east coast, and since its getting to be that kind of time, nothing says fall then curling up with a good book, some hot coco and a candle burning. This weeks theme is: Bookish

1. What’s your favorite book you’ve had read to you? I sort of mean read aloud in person, as opposed to read aloud on a recording, but answer it however you want.  

 It has been ages since I have had a book read aloud to me. But I love hearing. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No good Very Bad day. Which is my favorite children's book. I absolutely love reading it out loud to my son, and hearing it read.  It is a great book to not only read, but act out while doing so.

 2.What book (or series of books) would you like to see turned into a film?

Book-Ashes In the Wind by Kathleen Woodwiss. Yes, I can always imagine it, and would love to see it as a movie one of these days. That or The Gamble by LaVryle Spencer. Same sort of thing, would love to see it...

Book Series: The Velvet Series by Jude Deveruex...because it is one of my favorite series...ever...

3. We often complain about movies not being as good as the books upon which they are based, but what’s a movie that was as good as (or better than) its book?

I actually liked the Devil wears Parada as a movie far better than the book, which was hard for me to get through. I could totally understand the movie. Loved it.

4. Songs often take us back to specific times in our lives, or remind us of specific people. What book does that for you, and what’s the explanation?

The Face on the Milk Carton. For some reason this book, whenever I think about it reminds me of the seventh grade. Right about the time when I was actually getting into those big books. It is also one of the few that still sticks out in my mind. Things where so much more simpler back then. Yes it was.

5. What book do you know well enough to quote from once in a while?

Alexander and the Terrible Horrible.....yes, I do recite it. A lot. Maybe I haven't mentioned this as my favorite kids book. I also find it has some great lines....

I hope you all have a great weekend.....even in Australia.

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jenniesisler said...

Interesting answers. I have never tried The Devil Wears Prada simply because I had a hard enough time getting into the movie. I think I'll skip it.