Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thanks, but no thanks.

Its been a week just about since I interviewed. A week in which I haven't heard anything. Judging by the fact they had informed me should I move on to the next round I would hear something early this week, its looking like I won't be hearing anything.

In all honesty I was expecting it. I mean my interview didn't go as well as I hoped. I could have said a lot of things better. I could have answered a hell of a lot better than I did. I let myself down in that way. Even if this wasn't exactly my dream job, I wish I could have answered it, handled them a lot better than I did.

So yes this wasn't my dream job. But I think what appealed to me, what made me want at least a call back is the fact that for me, I wan to feel like I am wanted. Needed. I hate the thought that I am not even really truly wanted anywhere...and they sounded like for a moment they really truly wanted me.

I was the one to screw it up.

Six months ago, it was the same sort of thing when I interviewed with the local school county. I look back, and how pissed I was that I didn't get a second shot. How heartbroken I truly was. And while I am disappointed in the fact this didn't go the way I hoped. I do not feel the same sort of feeling I did back then. At least that is o step in the right direction.

But here's the thing. While it would have been nice to have heard back from them saying they would like me to move on further, it would have been nice to hear a thank you but no thank you call as well. Even an email would have appeased me. Because well, it would have been. I know things didn't go right for me. And I get this. I recognize my mistake. But if you want to come across as professional, I would like to think that you are professional enough to say no. Because while this opportunity may not be for me, what if a year from now something is? Shouldn't they be impressing me as well?

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