Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Five 3/23-Music love

Hello my friends, and welcome to another week of the Friday Five. Its been a week since I did this, after being away on travel...believe it or not I missed it. So its back. Here is this weeks Friday five, this weeks theme: Music.

1. How often do you listen to music?

The better question should be when am I not?
I pretty much eat sleep breath music-well that and hockey-I am constantly living off my Ipod at work, and without it, I don't know what I would do. If its not at work, then I am listening to it in the car, in the house. Probably prefer music over television...obsessed. Yes possibly.

2. Do you ever listen to the radio? Whats your favorite station?

My husband and I got into the habit of turning on the radio when we carpool in the morning, usually its on 99.5 (hot) here in DC. If the son is in the car we try to go a safer route to an adult contemporary which has a little safer song selection for a three year old. If its just me, I have a country station on from time to time. If I am in my own car, I have the 90s on XM on constantly, that or my Ipod but we are talking about radio stations....

3. How do you find new songs, albums or artists to listen to?

Funny while on vacation I discovered some artists that were really good. I came back home hoping that they would be available on Itunes, sadly they have yet to hit America yet so I will have to wait. I did find visiting a new country brings out some really cool discovers, besides the tourism aspect...other than that, I try to be on the lookout for new artists from word of mouth or the free stuff Itunes offers from time to time.

4. When was the last time you bought an album? A digital music file?

Last CD, was a Kids Bop I bought for my son, at three he pretty much thought it was the greatest thing ever. Its the small things in life that I miss.  As for digital music file, I loaded up on new music before my trip bought Mumford and Sons, and Jessie J...yes quite a difference in the two...

5. Do you think any of the technologies and distribution methods mentioned above will still be around in ten years? Why or why not?

Pretty sure the digital music age isn't going to be leaving us any time soon, but as for CDs? Yeah I have a funny feeling they are on their way out. Just times change, and so does systems. Most computers and cars don't even have players in them anymore...

And there you have it, my Friday five. May you all have a fabulous weekend. I hope to get to some thoughts about overseas before to long....

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