Friday, February 17, 2012

Five Question Friday-2/17: Green

 So its my first Friday back in the office. I have somehow managed to make it through the week! This weeks Friday five theme is green.

1. What’s your favorite green article of clothing? 

Well does it have to be current? Back in high school I had this amazing green sweater that I probably could have lived in had I been able to. It brought the green out in my eyes. But currently? Probably my green Mason (my university) hoodie. Which I could probably live in just as much as that sweater back in the day. Since green just happens to be my favorite color this was hard.

2. What could you do with a little bit of extra spending green this weekend?

The I don't care about being responsible at the moment part of me says on a new Ipod touch, since I am wearing the shit out of my current one. And I can't seem to go anywhere without it, I could dif use some extra dough. However the responsible adult in me says, you see that hospital bill, yeah you need to pay that. Boo....

Unfortunately in this case, responsibility would probably win out.

3. In what way are you conservative of natural resources?

The hubs and I are trying to watch gas, so we carpool whenever we can. Not only does it save some mula, but it is an extra hour plus that its just he and I. With lil man around the house, that's often an rarity anymore.

4. When did you last shoot some pool?

A friends birthday party about two years ago. I am a horrible pool player, so my husband beat me. But hey you can't be wonderful at everything I suppose.

Of whom are you envious lately?

As sad as this sounds, a friend and a cousin. Both of whom announced they were expecting. I know the husband and I would love another child. But at the moment, I need to recover from last years ordeals, so having another baby has been put on hold until further notice.

And there you have it. Have a fabulous three day weekend!

Questions brought to you by: Friday Five.

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