Thursday, February 23, 2012

Falling into pieces.

So apparently things can get a lot worse.

Go figure.

Losing seems to be an easy thing for us these days.Once again I sat in front of the tv, trying not to look at it. The score just seemed to break something in me.

Hope. I wondered if I was the only that felt this way.

 Sad, considering we were supposedly the team to beat this year. The team that would raise the cup in the air in June and cheer. And for a whole year we would be known as the Stanley Cup Champions.

Fat chance of that happening this year. Now, all we will be known as, is the team that could have been. The team that is soo close to winning, that has the talent and yet seems so far away. The drive just doesn't seem to be there.

Its really a shame.

Yes, I know. We have lost some key players this year thanks in part to injuries. Green, who finally returned this weekend, then Backstrom who is yet to return-and unlikely to if you ask me.-, Laich was just about to be a lose but somehow managed to pull through, we got lucky on that one. And now Ovi is out. With what still remains to be seen. And who knows how long, though if he is out for any extended period of time, I am pretty sure it guarantees us a long summer ahead.

Now three players being out, isn't a make it or break it sort of thing for most. In all reality, players get hurt, teams have to readjust and the hockey season goes on. After all look at Crosby, who has been pretty much out the entire season and the Pens seem to be doing ok. But we aren't just talking about three players. But three KEY players. Players that we rely on. And the blow to Backstrom has dif hurt us the most.  Thats like taking Stahl, Fluery, Malkin and Crosby off the Pens and them going out and playing. If I recall, they were actually without a lot of their key players and were hurting quite a lot there for awhile themselves. They just got lucky, and got most of their players back. In time for it to not effect much of the season.

So without Backstrom, Green and Ovi, the Caps seem at a loss. In more ways than one. And it it truly heartbreaking.

Here I thought last years, 7 game losing streak was horrible. And lets not mention the whole playoff fiasco. Yep. I don't think anything compares to this. I don't think there is much that we can do at this point to make up for the loses, the pain and the defeat of the season. We can try. And if we are lucky, we may just be able to squeeze in at the bottom of the pack. But I am wondering.

Is it worth it anymore?

Or would it be, as previously mentioned in past posts. Better to throw in the towel, call it a season. And get our players back in good standing, and ready to go next season.

Because at this moment, we can't exactly afford to lose anyone else.
And the playoffs, tend to do just that.

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