Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So its a new year. I know with every new year, you are supposed to make this profound resolution. To lose weight, stop smoking, drink more water. Etc. And every year people resolve to make it through the entire year on this. But here is the thing, this year I have decided not to make a resoultion.


Because for the most part they never last. And really what would I resolve to do? I don't need to lose weight, I don't smoke, I rarely drink and I eat healthy. So I am clueless on to what to make as a resolution. I suppose lesson my caffeine intake, but with every thing else I have been through, and all I really don't feel the need to get rid of this minor horrible addiction.

I suppose I could make a resolution to blog more. But I always feel like I have to stick to one topic and blog about one topic on my blog instead of what I have been doing and blogging about life here and there, whether its Caps,or Disney or my own life in general. And since this is my own blog I really feel like I shouldn't have to stick to one theme. And I haven't heard a complaint yet so...

And then I think, why should I have to make a resolution at the beginning of the year? What would it hurt if lets say in June, I decide to make a resolution to do something positive or for a change? Would it be that bad??

Which means, for now, there will be no resolution from me.

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