Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Five-1/6: Inventions.

Happy New Year! Ah yes its time for the first Friday Five of the year. This weeks topic: Inventions.

1.If they could invent a remote control for something in your house that doesn’t have one, what would you wish it to be?

The laundry. Because it always seem to continue to pile up no matter how much I try and do it. Not to mention with three flights of stairs how fabulous would it be to just push a button and have someone, or rather something do it for me??

2.What could your car really use that they just hasn’t invented yet?

Automatic pilot. I know they are coming close, but at times during long drives and traffic I think what if the car just drove itself, while I sat back and read, or take a nap or something. Yep. Again I know they are coming close and I am sure if not in my lifetime, than my sons they will have a car that drives itself but for now it will remain a wish...

3.Who among your friends could probably be a great inventor if he or she had enough funding to do it?

My sister Hillary, as a kid she was always coming up with these drink mixitures and food stuff, half of the times it was gross but I know she likes to invent stuff for her kitchen and what not. And she is quite handy on creating outfits and sewing stuff for everyone. I am sure with some extra cash she could totally pull it off.

4.What invention seems to do its job in a less-satisfying manner than the old-fashioned way?

Phone cameras. I know some of them are getting a lot better than they were. But mine, not so much. And I still prefer the old point and shoot one, I think you can get better angles and all with a point and shoot. And whether I can upload it instantly or not doesn't really matter. I can wait the hour til I get home and upload it from there.

5.Lately, vending machines have gone beyond drinks and snacks: you can rent DVDs from them or even purchase iPods from them. What’s something your life could be improved by if it were available in vending machines?

Those tide to go pens, or anything that will get a little mess out of something as quick as possible. With a toddler, and my admittided clumsiness, at times I feel like it would be nice to just have something right there to grab when I don't have it. Especially at work. Spill a cup of soda on you, or a donut or anything and you look so unkept for the rest of the day. So yes that would be amazing.


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