Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Post Op

Post Opt.

For the most part it went as expected, I am healing well, I can't pick or handle anything large and heavy and I am once again able to have fiber in my diet, though I need to slowly introduce it back into my life. Which is pretty nice since, well I have missed my veggies and fruits. Funny what one missed when they are told they can't eat something. Especially someone who loves their fruits and vegges just as much as I do.

I didn't see my regular surgeon so I totally got a different opinion than my own surgeon. Which is the way it has been since day one. One doctor will say one thing, and the other will say another. I am begiining to think when it comes to down to it all, it pretty much is what the doctor prefers, how they practice and how they feel.

There were 2 questions that I asked.

1. When can I go back to work:

The last time I had talked to the surgeon he advised mid February, which would be about six weeks out. And so I assumed that it would be the same this appointment, and yet this surgeon said not til almost the end of February.  After all this is the third time this has happened and they would rather make sure I am more than ok to go back. I didn't get a doctors note, but figured I will have plenty of time to get a release to go back to work.

I called the office to let them know, they sounded. Well I don't know how they sounded. Believe me this whole thing does not make me very happy either. Its not like this is easy on me. I still go through moments when I am completely light headed and dizzy and exhausted. This is not a vacation. And I feel as though they think it is. I don't want them thinking I am trying to take advantage of the system or anything. Its hard.

This is hard.

2. What about kids:

Because I am only 31, and while I love my son, I never visioned him to be an only child. And since I figured it is good to ask I went ahead and asked. The answer, probably. It should be. It depends. Another words, hopefully but it depends on what the actual surgeon says, and what my body says. It depends on how much they took out and if they think there is enough to support. The news was hard, because I don't know. No we weren't thinking about any for at least a year. But the news just somehow got me down for a bit. I don't know what to think, and I don't know how to feel...

I left feeling a little releieved at the fact for the most part this is all over with.

But I wonder if it truly is.

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