Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Five-12/30-Closing Time.

 Happy Friday! And the last Friday of the year. I write this from my hospital bed, and while you may call me crazy for doing this, I find its keeping my mind of things. Like food. Which I haven't had any real food since Sunday so thinking about it hurts. Anyways you didn't come for that. So without further delay here is this weeks installment.

Topic: Closing time.

What business establishment’s recent closing was the most disappointing for you? 

My in-laws share in day-care responsibilities with my mom. Every so often we will meet up with them for dinner. Usually its one of two places, either Big Bowl, or Ruby Tuesdays, since they like salads and Ruby's was great for it. The past time we decided to meet at our local Ruby's which is about five minutes away from where the hubs and I live. We rounded the corner and pulled into the parking lot only to discover that the Ruby's that had been there over the weekend suddenly up and closed. For some reason even if it isn't my favorite place to eat, it was disappointing non the less.
At what place of business or service are you most likely to be the day’s last customer out the door?

Probably my work's little cafe. They close at three, and I usually go down sometime right before to grab one last cup of caffeine to get me through the rest of the work day. I know on more than one occasion I have barely squeaked in and been their last customer from time to time.  Thankfully I have not been turned down yet and they always find time and change to spare.

What place of business or service seems to be closed at times inconvenient to you?

The bank, but I am guessing a lot of people say this. Having such a long commute means getting out the door super early, and getting home super late. And the bank never seems to be opened when we can get to them. Thankfully a lot has changed over the years, including online banking and drop offs meaning I don't necessarily need them to be open all the time still being opened would be nice.

Where in the real world (not online) will you most likely spend your last 2011 money?

The hospital. Yep they are going to be receiving the last of my money here...aren't they lucky?? I would say I am but we will just stick with them, since they are going to be the ones benefiting from my pain.

What business or service has been the biggest blessing to you because it is always open?

Our local Wal-Mart which has just decided to start opening twenty-four hours a day. I can already see this as a huge deal since as a mom of a toddler, one doesn't predict when the toddler will get sick and you just never know what is in store. Not only that but its a great middle of the night bored out of the mind shopping spree time.

And there you have it, the last of my Friday Fives for the year. May you have a great New Years celebration and I will see you all next week!

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