Saturday, January 3, 2015

Do I have to?

A little over a week and a half ago I left my office building knowing I would not return to the office for a glorious 13 days. It seemed like ions away.

And yet here I sit, on the eve of the final day of leave, and while it has been nice and surprisingly long I am beginning to wonder where in the hell did those 13 days go? The holidays have come and gone, the house is beginning to look noting like Christmas once more.

When did this happen.
How did this happen?

Surely there is still more time. Surely I did not waste the week and half doing absolutely nothing. Yes I promised the house would be absolutely positively sparkling clean. It hasn't happened. In fact it is nowhere near the spit spot clean I had promised. Yes I have been lazy. One would think by now I would be fully ready to go back. I would be bored with things.

I am not, it has instead been glorious if you ask me.

I am not ready to go back. I am not ready to say goodbye to the precious time I have spent with my family, and my son.  Neither of which I feel like I spend all that much time with anymore. I am not ready to face that two hour commute on a good day again. No No No....

Returning to work is not like returning to school after the winter break. Because at least in school you knew spring break would be around the corner before you knew it.  My next break isn't until the end of May (fingers crossed that is) and at the moment, that seems like ions away.

But tonight, I sit here knowing for the moment I have one day more...

It will have to do.

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