Friday, November 7, 2014

Day seven: I am Thankful for the small things.

This morning my son came crawling in to snuggle right before the alarm was to go off. As he wrapped his little hands around my neck and hugged me I wanted to stay in the moment forever. I wanted to capture it and put it away for the day he is 17 and no longer wants to have anything to do with me. 

This of course is not the first time he has done this. But each time he does, it turns out to be one of my favorite moments of the morning. It is also one of my most happiest moments of the morning. Probably because it happens to be the same time I realize how truly blessed I am.

I lay there in bed this morning, and listened to him chatter on and on. I admit half the stuff I probably didn't truly comprehend though I am pretty sure it was Star Wars related. And smiled. Yes, it is the small things in life like the extra five minutes of snuggle time that I am thankful for. It is just laying there cherishing the moment, not wanting to let it slip by me.

Sure fancy cars and huge rings are nice. But there is something so special and beautiful about the simple things. And none of these things seem to last and have the same sort of memories that the simple things can.

Often I think we take these simple moments and things in life for granted. How many times do we rush around to get ready, end up at the breakfast table and stare at our cell phones? I know we all do. But sometimes, well sometimes what we are missing is huge. 

Take a moment, look up. It’s catching your son snorting chocolate milk out of his nose so hard he is crying. Or watching him write a complete sentence and then reading it without any help. Yes, they are simple. But they are also amazing to catch.

It is those simple moments that memories are made from. And they are those moments that you will look back and think, why didn’t I do something about it back then?

I decided to stay in bed with him as long as we could. We giggled as he tried to wake his dad, and we danced around the room at the knowledge that it was in fact Friday.

As we left the house, I realized I did not make the bed.

And you know that was alright by me.

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