Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day Five: Thankful to be a creative writer. (and a little poetry)

Today as I stare down at a creative piece I am working on, I found myself smiling.

You see, writing makes me happy.

No matter what capacity it is, (though I prefer the creative kind) watching words flow across a blank piece of paper is like trying to create a masterpiece. It fills me.

It has become my passion. A passion I am not only embracing, but so thankful for.

Really, it should have come to no surprise. I loved my creative writing English class I took in High School. To this day I write in a journal. Though not as often as once used to. While my sisters may have enjoyed acting and walking down the runway, I was perfectly content to be behind the scenes. To me, creating a piece that was later acted out, sounded a lot better.

While my writing has yet to pay the bills, I have found at times it doesn't need to. Sometimes, just simply knowing I am writing is worthwhile enough for me. And should my writing expand, should I help one person, touch one person with my words, well then I consider it a good day.

Yes, my writing is my passion, it's my desire and joy. It has taken awhile to really come to terms that writing is something I really want to do. What has been so rewarding is finding something that truly makes me happy. Being happy with what you are doing? It makes life so much more enjoyable period.

I have shared my passion in words with you for awhile now and I will continue to do so. Including the latest piece from my creative poetry workshop:



You think they come easy

As though I keep them buried

Between bosoms and straps

And fluffy blue outfits made from fireflies

Oh dear child

Your naivety will catch up to


You think you’re the only one

To have them

Looking to me as if

You expect me to be a miracle worker

I am a busy woman

Do not waste my time making decisions on


Is not always a good thing

Power beauty money they all have a price

Temptation is not spoken of

Be careful you don’t fall trap

To a young girl’s fairytale of


That often fall victim

To adulthood expectations

-Aleisha M.

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