Friday, September 19, 2014

My #DisneyMP Playlist.

Well we have made it my fellow Disney Moms Panel hopefuls. Next week we see the last full week of September. Which means round 2 is right around the corner. Yes that is right, we have reached the home stretch of waiting for round 1 to be done. I know it for many it has been the longest month of waiting.

As many may know I happen to love music, it is what drives me. I started a #DisneyMP theme song of the day last year as we waited. A tradition I continued in to this year. And since we have time, and you need a good distraction I thought I would share and provide you all with a couple of suggestions to pass the time.

My #DisneyMP waiting room playlist: 

If you believe-Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston

Hey Mickey-Toni Basil

Dream Big-South65

When You Wish upon a Star-any version but my favorite version is by Bryan White.

Fireflies-Faith Hill.

Don’t Stop Believin’-Journey

I Hope I Get It-A Chorus Line

Wishin and Hoping.-Dust Springfield 

Hanging On By a Moment-Lifehouse

You’ve got a Friend in Me.-Toy Story.

One Day More-Les Miz

Hold On-Wilson Philips

Have a little Faith in Me.

I can go the Distance-Hercules.

I Won’t Give Up-Jason Mraz.

Defying Gravity-Wicked

So Much Better-Legally Blonde

Seize the Day-Newsies

American Authors-Believer

Try Again-Aaliyah

Of course there are several other songs that come to mind, the possibilities are endless, and the list grows daily.  What matters is to find songs that speak to you, to give you faith and hope to carry you through while you wait.

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