Monday, February 24, 2014

Goodbye Sochi.

It was kind of strange this morning waking up to no news about the Olympic games. What was going to air when. Or avoiding it all together so I don't find out the results. The hunt for the medals gone and done. And it is weird trying to figure out what I am going to watch this evening. Do I even care about the whole Juan Pablo thing? And realizing that no, in fact I do not. Not only that, but I haven't even really missed it.

Imagine that.

But of course this leaves me the question, what the hell am I a going to watch? I mean I enjoyed the fact I didn't have to sit through a reality show. And those staples that I lived for? Well yeah I sort of had forgotten all about them. I enjoyed watching the sports. The ones I have loved for years and the ones I was just finding out about. I enjoyed watching my son's reaction to the games as he 'skied' across the floor then pulled out an imaginary gun for his biathlon practice.  Yes, he has now decided he wants to do this. I am pretty sure its because of the whole gun thing, seeing that it isn't really something we fully allow in the house. This makes it that much cooler in a five year old's eyes.

And I enjoyed learning something new. Whether it was about the culture, or the games themselves. Or the fact that ice dancers have to have 50% of their bodies covered at all times. I mean you just would never know these things if you watched DWTS on a weekly basis.

Sure they came with controversy. There in fact didn't seem to be a day when something wasn't going on. Ice dancing, ladies singles. Even the bobsledders and ice hockey had their share of conspiracies going around. Then again, what is the Olympics without them? From what I remember it seems to be this way every year. Protests, and backlash. Things go wrong. Things go right. I will miss hearing about every one of these things in more ways than not. And thankfully, my uneasy feeling about the games did die down and go away. Thank the lord for that. I was not interested in seeing that at all. But I will miss a lot of things about the games.

I know I will find something on. Castle will be my staple. And I will inevitably get sucked into the whole Juan Pablo drama because there truly isn't anything else I am interested in at this moment. But for a moment, and for the day. I kind of miss the whole Olympic vibe that was going on.

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