Friday, December 13, 2013

So what about my most favorite Christmas song?

Earlier this week I brought you the Christmas song I hate. But perhaps you are wondering about my favorite? The answer is easy and yet not so all at the same time. Let me explain.

You see when it comes to choosing just one. I can’t. I have favorites in a few different categories; traditional, cheesy, children’s and the nontraditional. And because I can’t just choose one I figured I would explain myself in each.

Traditionally, hands down has got to be I’ll be home for Christmas. I do not have a particular version I like better than the other. Just the song, there is something about it that no matter where I am or what I am doing it gets me.  I know the meaning behind it, the soldiers it was written for. Those who served in WWII and couldn't make it home. Or never made it home. I may not know what it is like, and I do not pretend to, I can only imagine. As it is even if I do live twenty minutes away from my parents there is nowhere else I would rather be than with my family. I know several who aren’t as fortunate.  I know it’s not always going to be like this. It’s a beautiful song, with classic lyrics. And it definitely without a doubt makes me stop and focus on what is really important during this time of year.

Then there is Wham’s Last Christmas. Yes, laugh all you want but you got to admit it was, and still is a catchy tune. Back when this song first came out, my older sister busted out her Yamaha portable piano and learned the notes to it. That piano got pretty good use out of itself during the month of December as we often returned to it. It became an instant classic and to this day remains one of my fondest memories of my childhood. I am assuming this probably explains just why I happen to consider this one of my favorite holiday songs.

And who doesn’t love a little Christmas Wrapping by the Waitress’s which is so incredibly cheesy and yet infectious at the same time. I want to hate it. I know several who do. But I just can’t help it. I absolutely love the song. Because while it may be cheesy, how many times is it true. I can think of a handful of people I promise to make time for and get together and then things come up. And things happen. And before you know it you are staring at the last week of December and thinking, well crap. Maybe next year right? I just wish I was smart enough to put it in lyrics myself.

Lastly I will say, I fell in love with I want a hippopotamus for Christmas years ago. Why I really have no clue. But the request from a kid just seems so…fitting.  Growing up, I wanted a pony. And every year I asked for one. My little sister promised me one, when she became the lawyer she was going to become. I knew I probably would never get one, but it didn't hurt to ask anyway. I sort of view the hippo as the same sort of request. Yet as a kid, well nothing seems too big to ask for. And you have an answer for just why you need it. So yes, I want a hippopotamus is on the list. 

The day I get one, well I won’t hold my breath.
After all, I am still waiting for the pony I was promised.


Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

Christmas Wrapping and Last Christmas are two that I love as well. But nothing beats the classics!

Aleisha said...

I agree Jessica nothing beats a good old classic. Seriously as much as I love the fun ones and the off the wall ones, sometimes the classics are that is needed to make a perfect winter night soundtrack.