Monday, October 14, 2013

Don't Believe Everything you read: including social media

This morning as I was settling in to my usual  routine I discovered something new. Wait, no it isn't new because I am pretty sure I have known this for awhile. But as I sat there catching up on tweets, and status updates I learned first hand that social media can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

Case in point, the Disney Moms Panel search 2014.  Yes, that's right its about this time every year that mummers of round 2 announcements going out start to swirl. I checked my friends Facebook status's and then found myself making my way on to the moms panel facebook fan page. And wouldn't you know, someone posted that you should login and check to see. If you can get through your golden. If you get stopped, well good luck for 2015.  I debated for a half second, should I go ahead and check now or wait til the official email?  I watched as one by one people I had never met posted yes or no. They are moving forward or being left to disappointment for another year.

I should wait....

But should didn't win. I clicked the leaked link, closed my eyes and signed in....and got locked out. Well there it is, for another year I will be wondering...I hid my disappointment focusing on things at work. I switched from Facebook to Twitter sharing the excitement of those, the heartbreak of the rest of us. And still no email came out. Well OK, maybe this year they aren't doing it. I mean there were a lot of us right?

And then came those, the lump of people who got word a little to late and tried to log in after a certain time. And they got error message. Before we knew it, tweets were flying around, what did this mean?? What did they do wrong?

Well it turns out social media got to us all. Leaked links meant only certain people where able to find out. Those that got the no? An official statement got out that they weren't fully ready to send out to everyone, meaning for now, until Friday that is, we are all still hopefuls.

And that's when I realized I had fallen to the old news, don't believe everything you read, tweet or status post to be true, because while yes you can get a lot of great news and can be your best friend. At the same time, not everything you read can be believed.

That is until you get that email, filled with hopefully a lot of pixie dust...

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