Sunday, October 20, 2013

A lot of faith, and a little pixie dust: Round 2 here I come!

A little over 48 hours after and I still find myself grinning.

Friday started off like any other day, well except for one thing.  Pixie dust was expected sometime after 3. I tried not to think about the fact that by the end of the day my fate could be sealed. I would either be extremely happy, or would be telling myself it would be OK. There was always next year. So instead of thinking about it I went to lunch with my husband while little man was at preschool. I did a little shopping. I ignored my email, twitter. The phone. I figured the less I look at it, the better time would pass.

Yes I tried not to think to much about it. Period. But of course by trying not to think about it, made me think about it even more. I looked down and had dressed in pink, totally not planned. The only thing I had purposely done was throw on my Alex and Ani bracelets like I normally do. And when we went shopping I slid into the Salvation Army and found holiday Disney husband kept saying it was a sign. But still I tried not to think to much about it.

I was also nervous. I can explain the feeling because I am not sure I could. I will say I knew that there were thousands of applicants, and there was a chance I would be passed by once more. I was prepared for the rejection email. I was.

Before I knew it, I was off to pick up Logan, and eying the time, I had 5 minutes til my fate would be determined. 5 minutes....I left the phone in the car, if I was going to freak, I would do so in my car. The same could be said if I needed to cry. I picked up Logan and we headed back to what must have been  the longest walk back to the car I had ever taken.

'Well should I turn it over?' I asked Anderson. This was it, this was the moment.
'Either way, you did amazing, just remember that.'
I flipped it over looked down and froze. Throwing the phone over to Andy.

'Is that, does that say what I think it does???' I couldn't believe it, I needed someone else to pinch me.
'Yes. Congratulations!!'

And just like that as of 3:03 in the afternoon  I was on to round 2! It hadn't been since 2009 that I had gotten past round 1.

My freak out did not play out like thought, it was a whole lot of squeals and shakes. It was OMG's and silence because I couldn't believe it. Truly I couldn't....

It was like a still feels like a dream. One I am not sure I want to wake up from.

Yes, 48 hours I am still in a bit of shock. I am also extremely honored, nervous and excited for the not only the next round but the possibility of what is to come.

Now, to brush off that pixie dust.

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